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Microsoft's Surface Studio ad does more than look good

Jeremy BillettJeremy Billett

When we talk about product marketing, the same high profile brands are consistently at the top of our minds, and their campaigns can often be written off as successful because of brand recognition, expectation and the products themselves.

In truth, any brand or product can launch itself into the minds of consumers if they take advantage of three key elements, and that's what happened yesterday when Microsoft's Surface Studio announcement trailer.

The style of video is not new, and companies like Apple are well known for using them to create a strong and lifestyle-like loyalty among their fans. But like any recipe, you still need to have the right mix of ingredients, so this is how it worked.


Anyone will tell you how vital music is for video and film, and the song choice in this ad is exceptional for a few reasons. It's not only beautiful on it's own, but lyrically the song ties everything together with themes of imagination, the future, and of change.

A sense of the product's purpose and identity before we even see it.

Visually the ad uses fantastic lighting, colours and framing to showcase the big gorgeous screen, and cleverly cropped everything else out of frame like the user's identity and location which keeps the viewer in the moment.

The setting and lighting help build on the sense of wonder and imagination, encouraging you to imagine using this device in your workplace, your home office, just to make it yours.

When the screen is lowered, the whole environment changes (lighting, camera angle, music) and it continues with the new dial peripheral and use of colour with impressive effect.

And touch! Everything about this is touchy, but on a scale we haven't seen before, and with tools we've never used before. It's so more intuitive and engaging and that feeling of touch is very powerful.


This leads to the want. You want to touch that gorgeous big screen. You want to play with the new dial and create something. You want a new everything machine. You want to believe this is the thing which will make you more creative, more successful, and take you further. You just want more.

Never before has Microsoft produced this sort of desire, inspiration or innovation in their advertisements. It works because it ignores the technical side of technology and engages with our emotional side.


With our senses tingling and our need to have more of this device so strong, not once were we sold on the technical aspect of this tech. Weird isn't it? Yet familiar for some.

This controlled and emotional construct of perception has created an entirely bias view of the product before we've seen the details. That's powerful.

It is this perception that will guide the majority of users to purchase. Even moreso when you consider up to 90% of our purchase decision are made subconsciously.

In reality the specs are nice, but not mind-blowing. The price is nice, but not competitor shuddering. It looks amazing, it feels new, it evokes excitement. That's what will sell, and that's what Microsoft have done exceptionally well.

What do you feel when you watch this ad?

I'm a passionate website developer, digital marketer, photographer and educator. I'm the face, brain and hands behind Jeremy Creative.